60th Anniversary of JFOS
October 18-23, 2021
On-line Symposium

Oceanography for future we want: transformation of our society in the changing sea
Invitation to the Symposium A series of Japanese-French Oceanography symposia has been co-organized by the two Japanese-French Oceanographic societies in Japan and France. They both aim at promoting scientific exchanges between the two countries and hold regular symposia alternatively in Japan and France since 1983. In continuity with the last symposium in 2017 at Bordeaux, France, the 18th Japanese-French Oceanography Symposium would take place in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan, for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Japanese-French Oceanographic Society of Japan. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to hold this symposium in October 2020; in May 2020 it was decided to postpone the symposium to October 2021, but the coronavirus pandemic continues unabated. We have therefore decided to organise a web-based symposium from Monday 18 to Saturday 23 October 2021. Considering the time difference between Japan and France, we have changed the general oral presentations to web-based poster ones. However, 12 selected presentations will be given orally via the web.

Concept Note

Leaflet of the public lecture (October 23)
[in English | in Japanese]
Important Dates August 31, 2021
    Registration opens
    Registration for poster presentations opens
    Submission of abstract for poster presentations opens
September 17 24, 2021
    Registration for poster presentations closes
September 30, 2021
    Submission of abstract for poster presentations closes
October 5, 2021
    Announcement of the presentation programme on the website
October 12, 2021
    Submission of poster to the Secretariat
October 15, 2021
    Publication of abstracts on the website
    Password for viewing posters will be sent to all interested parties
December 31, 2021
    Submission of proceedings paper to the special issue of La mer
Symposium Schedule (in JST [UTC+9h]) 12:00, October 18 - 17:00, October 21, 2021
    Poster presentation on the web
16:00-20:00, October 19, 2021
    Mini-symposium with invited speakers on the web
13:00-17:20, October 20, 2021
    Commemoration Symposium on the web
16:00-16:50, October 21, 2021
    Poster core time presentations on the web
15:00-18:40, October 23, 2021
    Scientific lecture for the public on marine microplastics, in collaboration with the Maison Franco-Japonaise
See Program for more details.